FortranGIS  Version2.5
How to build the library

This package defines Fortran interfaces to shapelib, gdal and proj libraries, so you need at least one of those libraries (including development packages if available) installed on your system.

The FortanGIS package uses GNU autoconf/automake/libtool, so it builds natively only on Unix-like systems, such as Linux. It has been reported to build successfully also on MacOS. It may build on Cygwin platforms, but it is untested there, please report any success/insuccess. If you need a Windows version, please contact the author, work is slowly undergoing for getting FortranGIS to build under mingw.

For a successful build, a Fortran compiler supporting ISO_C_BINDING capabilities of F2003 standard is needed, e.g. GNU gfortran version 4.1.2 or later.

After unpacking the tar, please follow the usual GNU build procedure ./configure; make; make install. Try ./configure –help for more detailed help on switches. If you do not want to install the full triad of GIS libraries, you can build the package without any of them by using configure switches such as –disable-proj etc.